The world is at standstill summiting to the sovereign God who is the creator of all thing, human and materials. The God we serve had the pill available before the appearance of any disease, including Covid19. That one pill is JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. If you are ready to receive this pill,

1. Admit you are a sinner and condemned to die eternally

2. God sent Jesus to die for your sin to give you eternal life. Thank Him for this

3. Ask God to forgive all of your sins. Believe you are forgiven

4. Ask Jesus to come into your life as SAVIOUR and LORD

5. As you do things, your name in the book of eternal death is transferred into the book of life

6. Ask God to give you the grace to live the God’s kind of life

8. Declare the promises of God over your life. Read Psalm 91;1-16 over your life and family. YOU ARE IN AND PROTECTED!

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